Figure Flattering Fridays Banana 🍌 Figure
Figure Flattering Fridays Banana 🍌 Figure
Figure Flattering Fridays Banana 🍌 Figure

Hi and welcome to the 2nd Figure Flattering Friday! This month we're going to discuss the banana 🍌 shaped body type also known as rectangular shaped body type.

Banana shaped body or the rectangular, ruler or the alphabet H have evenly proportionate shape, which means your shoulders, hips and waist are pretty evenly proportioned. You might have small to medium size bust and your waist is not defined. Sounds like this is my body type...

As a banana body type you will want to create more curves to bring out your feminine side. You can do this by wearing clothes that help define the waist.

      • Wear tops and jackets that emphasize the waist
      • Belts - To define the waist
      • Strong blocks of color help define your body
      • Tops that are boat neck or scooped neck look best. Highlight with a statement necklace.
      • Jackets that taper and end right below the waist create curves.  A belted jacket is the best.
      • You will likely look good in A line dresses and pencil skirts
      • Loose dresses with waist defining belts
      • Skinny jeans will look good on your body type
      • Slightly flared trousers will also look great on you as it will add more shape to your body
      • For shoes go with the rounded look in flats and pump
Clothes for the banana body type to avoid:
  • Square necklines
  • Drop waist dresses & jackets
  • Avoid shapeless clothes
  • Avoid anything that is boxy

 Banana Shaped Body Types