About FCC

Femme Curve Collection was created by a plus size fashionista for plus size fashionistas! Erin (owner of Femme Curve Collection) believes your appearance has a great deal to do with how you feel about yourself. She also knows from experience that women with plus size figures often have difficulty finding affordable and trendy fashions. 

Since childhood, Erin has been plus size. She knows the difficulty of shopping, since most department stores do not offer affordable and trendy fashions inclusive of plus size girls or women.

Femme Curve Collection was created to provide trendy and affordable fashions for the plus size fashionista. Since fashion is an extension of our personalities, we should be able to wear clothes that best represent who we are!

At Femme Curve Collection, customer service and quality are of utmost importance! Erin personally selects all fashions! Erin packages every order prior to delivery to your home. Please feel free to contact Erin with any questions about Femme Curve Collection's fashions.

Thank you so much for visiting! Your business is greatly appreciated!